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Here you will find facts, theories, and original content about the culture, beliefs, and way of life of the fascinating Ancient Egyptian people, and information meant to motivate, inspire, and encourage.

Egyptian gods Osiris, Isis, and Horus


Egyptian ankh
know thyself

“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.”― Socrates


Knowing you is a very important task that one has to undertake and the most challenging as well. When one knows who he is and clearly understands what he wants, then he has a better option of discovering how to reach his own success, personal fulfillment, and happiness. Read More...

Egyptian ankh
wellness and being healthy

To have a balanced life, we need to make the right choices. Wellness involves being aware of ourselves as whole people.

Wellness is a conscious, deliberate process that requires one to become aware of and make choices for a more satisfying lifestyle.


Egyptian ankh
Egyptian pyramids

The Doctrine of Eternal Life


We have seen that the entity of a man consisted of body, double, soul, heart, spiritual intelligence or spirit, power, shadow, and name. Read More...