About Us

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Mysteries-secret knowledge of the cosmos which is possessed by priestly scholars and their initiates

our most important object is our deification, and to be free from the fetters of our bodies, which will enable us to become

god-like and carry out God's will. Fetter means to restrict the freedom of movement or thought, which makes us prisoners

to our urges and emotions, not allowing us to cultivate our minds and utilize our mental powers. Deified means divine rank; One who

embodies the quality of a god.

We view the universe as the omnipotent expression of the One Great Supreme Being

spend all of our time and use all of our energy teaching moral laws, civilized ways, and codes of conduct.

once our immediate surroundings are peaceful,we set out to instruct other nations and expand maat(righteousness)

our bible is the 42 books of tehuti(Thoth)which is 42 books divided into 6 classes concerning gods, laws, priestly education

worship, history, geography, astronomy and medicine

we see ourselves as the lineal descendants of Heru(Horus).

we begin our daily work by carrying out the divine plans of our father Ausar(Osiris). we must make firm our defenses to protect Ausar from the constant

assaults and battles waged by the powers of darkness and evil.

impose order and reinstate the lost balance of the world.

Suten Anu-Royal scribe

Suten hamu-Royal worker