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The Sun, Moon and nine planets of our solar system are to us

symbols of the reflected and refracted rays of the triune

attributes of the great Central, Spiritual Sun: Life, Light and

Love, analogous to the three primary colors in Nature, which

become still further refracted into four secondary or

complementary colors, rays or attributes, the seven constituting

the active principles of Nature, the seven rays of the solar

spectrum, the seven notes of a perfect musical scale, there being

throughout a perfect correspondence, and all are but different

modes of vibration or activities of the Supreme Intelligence.

And, as we know, the seven rays of color reflect an almost

infinite variety of tints, that, octave upon octave, are built

upon the seven natural tones in music, so, also, are these seven

active principles divided and subdivided into innumerable forms,

qualities and manifestations of the first trinity–Life, Light,

Love, life being the manifestation of the second two, love and

wisdom, which in turn are the dual expressions of the “One.”

We find a perfect analogy between the destiny, the life, and

expression of life on the Earth, and the life and material

destiny of embodied man. He, too, has his sunrise, the beginning

of a new day of life, the seedtime, the flowering season, when

life wears a roseate hue; the ripening fruits of experience, his

harvest-time–it may be tares or golden grain; his gradual decay,

the ebbing of the life forces and the icy winter of death; his

gentle zephyrs and destructive hurricanes, floods and tempests,

periods of drought and plenty. Within his triune constitution

there are spring tides and low tides of physical, intellectual

and spiritual forces. Man also makes the annual journey about the

solar center, when, at the beginning of each new year to him, the

life forces of his soul are renewed, regalvanized, so to say,

according to the magnetic polarity of his constitution.

“Al” and “Chemy” are Arabic-Egyptian words

“Al,” meaning “the,” and Kimia,” which means the hidden, or

secret, ergo THE OCCULT, from which are derived our modern term

Alchemy, more properly Al Kimia

Organic Alchemy deals exclusively with living, organic things,

and in this connection differs from the Alchemy of inorganic

matter. These two aspects may, in this one respect, be compared

to organic and inorganic chemistry, to which originally they

belonged; as astrology did to astronomy. Alchemy and

astrology–twin sisters–were the parents of the modern

offspring, known in chemistry and astronomy as exact science.

This latter, however, deal with shadows and phenomenal

illusions, while the former concern the living realities, which

produce them