Auset (Isis)

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Isis was the wife of Osiris and mother of Horus; as a nature

goddess she had a place in the boat of the sun at the creation, when

she probably typified the dawn. By reason of her success in

revivifying her husband's body by means of the utterance of magical

formulae, she is called the "lady of enchantments." Her wanderings in

search of her husband's body, and the sorrow which she endured in

bringing forth and rearing her child in the papyrus swamps of the

Delta, and the persecution which she suffered at the hands of her

husband's enemies, form the subject of many allusions in texts of all

periods. She has various aspects, but the one which appealed most to

the imagination of the Egyptians, was that of "divine mother"; in this

character thousands of statues represent her seated and suckling her

child Horus whom she holds upon her knees.


Ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis