Changing Bad Thoughts into Good Thoughts

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The most successful leaders and artists throughout history have followed specific paths and attained their heart’s desires. Keep an open mind and a hopeful outlook-then change your thinking.

Daily attitude

  1. Engage in physical activity- Working out releases chemicals that lift your mood. It will energize you. It relaxes your mind and stimulates your capacity to achieve
  2. Monitor your stream of consciousness- monitor where your mind goes when its at rest and practice redirecting your thoughts
  3. Work towards your goals- List and prioritize your goals and work towards them daily. Keep your thoughts firmly planted on prosperity and good fortune
  4. Focus on breathing- focus on when you inhale and exhale. It will relax you, eliminate street And allow you to focus on the positive
  5. Get excited- Find one thing that you’re excited about it can have a big impact on how you feel throughout the day
  6. Meditate- Meditation brings many benefits
  7. Visualize yourself in a happy place
  8. Realize that your thoughts do not own you-you are in charge of your mind, your thoughts and what you think
  9. Don’t feel like the victim- you are not alone. Bad things happen to everyone
  10. Believe you can change- everyday you wake up you have the opportunity to change. Make the best decisions that bring positive results
  11. Create realistic goals- setting and achieving goals are very beneficial. Set goals that you can acheive. Divide them into sections that you can accomplish everyday, every month, every year.
  12. Start immediately- Begin now. Putting things off just causes procrastination and excuses. Give yourself a task that you can finish by tomorrow
  13. Know that you deserve good- believe that you are worthy
  14. Smile- practice smiling it will make you feel good
  15. Take control-you are the boss of your life and you make the decisions
  16. Change your vibe- believe in karma and put out good energy
  17. Keep the bad out-limit the amount of negative things you allow in your life, including thoughts. In most cases, it is your own negative thoughts that cause you to stay stuck in whatever place you’re in
  18. Make positive thinking a habit- think positive at all times whether good or bad
  19. Choose joy-make the decision to be happy everyday you wake up

Positive self-talk key points

  1. We talk to ourselves with words,pictures and emotions
  2. This self talk determines our self image,which governs our behavior
  3. You can influence your self-image and override past conditioning by controlling your self talk
  4. Everything is improved by repetition. Practice makes permanent. Its what and how you practice that counts