God In The Flesh

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“So the Egyptians speak of “Per-o,” or Pharaoh, as we call it, which really signifies”Great House,” when they mean the King.

For the King of Egypt is a very great man indeed; in fact, his people look upon him, and he looks upon himself, as something more than a man.

There are many gods in Egypt; but the god whom the people know best,and to whom they pay the most reverence, is their King. Ever since there have been Kings in the country, and that is a very long time now, the reigning monarch has been looked upon as a kind of god manifest in the flesh.”



“The Egyptians, however, acted in a perfectly logical manner, for they believed that they were a divine nation, and that they were ruled by kings who were themselves gods incarnate.

Their earliest kings, they asserted, were actually gods, who did not disdain to live upon earth, and to go about and up and down through it. Other ancient nations were content to believe that they had been brought into being by the power of their gods operating upon matter, but The—Egyptians believed that they were the issue of the great God who created the universe and that they were of directly divine origin.”-E.A Wallis Budge(Gods of the Egyptians)

The Egyptians believed that at one time all the great gods and goddesses lived on Earth. Their rule was on the whole beneficent. The greatest of all the gods was Ra, and he reigned over Egypt for very many years. His reign was marked by justice and righteousness. When men instead of gods reigned over Egypt they all delighted to call themselves sons of Ra, and every king believed that Ra was his true father.

The pharaohs governed the state by the help of a standing army and a militia or police, also by a multitude of officials, from whom was formed by degrees an aristocracy of family. By his office the pharaoh was lawgiver, supreme king, highest judge, chief priest; he was the son of a god, a god himself even.

There is just one distinction made between him and the other gods. Amen at Thebes, Ptah at Memphis, and all the rest of the crowd of divinities, are called “the great gods.” Pharaoh takes a different title. He is called “the good god.”The biblical story of Jesus Christ is derived from this ancient advanced wisdom.