Hymns to Osiris

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The following is the opening hymn to Osiris in the Papyrus of Ani:
“Glory be to Osiris Un-Nefer, the great god who dwelleth in Abydos, king
of eternity, lord of everlastingness, whose existence endureth for
millions of years. Eldest son of the womb of Nut,[1] begotten by Keb,[2]
the Erpat,[3] lord of the crowns of the South and North, lord of the
lofty white crown, prince of gods and men: he hath received the sceptre,
and the whip, and the rank of his divine fathers. Let thy heart in
Semt-Ament[4] be content, for thy son Horus is established on thy
throne. Thou art crowned lord of Tatu[5] and ruler in Abydos.[6] Through
thee the world flourisheth in triumph before the power of Nebertcher.[7]
He leadeth on that which is and that which is not yet, in his name of
‘Taherstanef.’ He toweth along the earth by Maat[8] in his name of
‘Seker’; he is exceedingly mighty and most terrible in his name of
‘Osiris’; he endureth for ever and ever in his name of ‘Un-Nefer.’
Homage to thee, O King of kings, Lord of lords, Prince of princes, who
from the womb of Nut hast ruled the world and Akert.[9] Thy body is
[like] bright and shining metal, thy head is of azure blue, and the
brilliance of the turquoise encircleth thee. O thou god An of millions
of years, whose body pervadeth all things, whose face is beautiful in
Ta-Tchesert,[10] grant thou to the Ka of the Osiris the scribe Ani
splendour in heaven, power upon earth, and triumph in the Other World.
Grant that I may sail down to Tatu in the form of a living soul, and
sail up to Abydos in the form of the Benu bird;[11] that I may go in and
come out without being stopped at the pylons of the Lords of the Other
World. May there be given unto me bread-cakes in the house of coolness,
and offerings of food in Anu (Heliopolis), and a homestead forever in
Sekhet Aru,[12] with wheat and barley therefor.”

In another Hymn to Osiris, which is found in the Papyrus of Hunefer, we
have the following: “The gods come unto thee, bowing low before thee,
and they hold thee in fear. They withdraw and depart when they see thee
endued with the terror of Ra, and the victory of Thy Majesty is over
their hearts. Life is with thee, and offerings of meat and drink follow
thee, and that which is thy due is offered before thy face. I have come
unto thee holding in my hands truth, and my heart hath in it no cunning
(or deceit). I offer unto thee that which is thy due, and I know that
whereon thou livest. I have not committed any kind of sin in the land; I
have defrauded no man of what is his. I am Thoth, the perfect scribe,
whose hands are pure. I am the lord of purity, the destroyer of evil,
the scribe of truth; what I abominate is sin.”