Hymns To Osiris

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“Glory  be to thee, O Osiris, Un-nefer, the great god within (Abydos), king of eternity, lord of everlastingness, who passest

  through millions of years in thy existence. The eldest son of the womb

  of Nut, engendered by Seb the Ancestor [of the gods], lord of the

  crowns of the South and of the North, lord of the lofty white crown;

  as prince of gods and men he hath received the crook and the whip, and

  the dignity of his divine fathers. Let thy heart, which dwelleth in

  the mountain of Ament, be content, for thy son Horus is stablished

  upon thy throne. Thou art crowned lord of Tattu (Busiris) and ruler in


  “Praise  be unto thee, O Osiris, lord of

  eternity, Un-nefer, Heru-Khuti (Harmachis) whose forms are manifold,

  and whose attributes are great, who art Ptah-Seker-Tem in Annu

  (Heliopolis), the lord of the hidden place, and the creator of

  Het-ka-Ptah (Memphis) and of the gods [therein], the guide of the

  underworld, whom [the gods] glorify when thou settest in Nut. Isis

  embraceth thee in peace, and she driveth away the fiends from the

  mouth of thy paths. Thou turnest thy face upon Amentet, and thou

  makest the earth to shine as with refined copper. The dead rise up to

  see thee, they breathe the air and they look upon thy face when the

  disk riseth on its horizon; their hearts are at peace, inasmuch as

  they behold thee, O thou who art eternity and everlastingness.”

“I have come unto thee, O son of Nut, Osiris, Prince of

  everlastingness; I am, in the following of the god Thoth, and I have

  rejoiced at everything which he hath done for thee. He brought the

  sweet air into thy nostrils, and life and strength to thy beautiful

  face; and the north wind which cometh forth from Temu for thy

  nostrils, O lord of Ta-tchesert. He made the god Shu to shine upon

  thy body; he illumined thy path with rays of light; he destroyed for

  thee the faults and defects of thy members by the magical power of the

  words of his mouth; he made Set and Horus to be at peace for thy sake;

  he destroyed the storm-wind and the hurricane; he made the two

  combatants (_i.e._, Set and Horus) to be gracious unto thee and the

  two lauds to be at peace before thee; he did away the wrath which was

  in their hearts, and each became reconciled unto his brother (_i.e._,


  “Thy son Horus is triumphant in the presence of the full assembly of

  the gods, the sovereignty over the world hath been given unto him, and

  his dominion extendeth unto the uttermost parts of the earth. The

  throne of the god Seb hath been adjudged unto him, together with the

  rank which was created by the god Temu, and which hath been stablished

  by decrees [made] in the Chamber of Archives, and hath been inscribed

  upon an iron tablet according to the command of thy father Ptah-Tanen

  when he sat upon the great throne. He hath set his brother upon that

  which the god Shu beareth up (_i.e._, the heavens), to stretch out the

  waters over the mountains, and to make to spring up that which groweth

  upon the hills, and the grain (?) which shooteth upon the earth, and

  he giveth increase by water and by land. Gods celestial and gods

  terrestrial transfer themselves to the service of thy son Horus, and

  they follow him into his hall [where] a decree is passed that he shall

  be lord over them, and they do [his will] straightway.

  “Let thy heart rejoice, O lord of the gods, let thy heart rejoice

  greatly; Egypt and the Red Land are at peace, and they serve humbly

  under thy sovereign power. The temples are stablished upon their own

  lands, cities and nomes possess securely the goods which they have in

  their names, and we will make unto thee the divine offerings which we

  are bound to make, and offer sacrifices in thy name for ever.

  Acclamations are made in thy name, libations are poured out to thy KA,

  and sepulchral meals [are brought unto thee] by the spirits who are in

  thy following, and water is sprinkled … on each side of the souls of

  the dead in this land. Every plan for thee which hath been decreed by

  the commands of R[=a] from the beginning hath been perfected. Now

  therefore, O son of Nut, thou art crowned as Neb-er-tcher is crowned

  at his rising. Thou livest, thou art stablished, thou renewest thy

  youth, and thou art true and perfect; thy father R[=a] maketh strong

  thy members, and the company of the gods make acclamations unto thee.

  The goddess Isis is with thee and she never leaveth thee; [thou art]

  not overthrown by thine enemies. The lords of all lands praise thy

  beauties, even as they praise R[=a] when he riseth at the beginning of

  each day. Thou risest up like an exalted being upon thy standard, thy

  beauties lift up the face [of man] and make long [his] stride. The

  sovereignty of thy father Seb hath, been given unto thee, and the

  goddess Nut, thy mother, who gave birth to the gods, brought thee

  forth as the firstborn, of five gods, and created thy beauties and

  fashioned thy members. Thou art established as king, the white crown

  is upon thy head, and thou hast grasped in thy hands the crook and

  whip; whilst thou wert in the womb, and hadst not as yet come forth

  therefrom upon the earth, thou wert crowned lord of the two lands, and

  the ‘Atef’ crown of R[=a] was upon thy brow. The gods come unto thee

  bowing low to the ground, and they hold thee in fear; they retreat and

  depart when, they see thee with the terror of R[=a], and the victory

  of thy Majesty is in their hearts. Life is with thee, and offerings of

  meat and drink follow thee, and that which is thy due is offered up

  before thy face.”