Hymns To The Supreme

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                                                                   Hymns to God

“God is One and alone, and none other existeth with Him; God is the

  One, the One Who hath made all things.

  “God is a spirit, a hidden spirit, the spirit of spirits, the great

  spirit of the Egyptians, the divine spirit.

  “God is from the beginning, and He hath been from the beginning; He

  hath existed from of old and was when nothing else had being. He

  existed when nothing else existed, and what existeth He created after

  He had come into being. He is the father of beginnings.

  “God is the eternal One, He is eternal and infinite; and endureth for

  ever and aye; He hath endured for countless ages, and He shall endure

  to all eternity.

  “God is the hidden Being, and no man hath known His form. No man hath

  been able to seek out His likeness; He is hidden, from gods and men,

  and He is a mystery unto His creatures.

  “No man knoweth how to know Him, His name remaineth hidden; His name

  is a mystery unto His children. His names are innumerable, they are

  manifold and none knoweth their number.

  “God is truth, and He liveth by truth, and he feedeth thereon. He is

  the King of truth, He resteth upon truth, He fashioneth truth, and He

  executeth truth throughout all the world.

  “God is life, and through Him only man liveth, He giveth life to man,

  and He breatheth the breath of life into his nostrils.

  “God is father and mother, the father of fathers, and the mother of

  mothers. He begetteth, but was never begotten; He produceth, but was

  never produced He begat Himself and produced Himself. He createth, but

  was never created; He is the maker of His own form, and the fashioner

  of His own body.

  “God Himself is existence He liveth in all things, and liveth upon all

  things. He endureth without increase or diminution, He multiplieth

  Himself millions of times, and He possesseth multitudes of forms and

  multitudes of members.

  “God hath made the universe, and He hath created all that therein is:

  He is the Creator of what is in this world, of what was, of what is,

  and of what shall be. He is the Creator of the world, and it was He

  Who fashioned it with His hands before there was any beginning; and He

  stablished it with that which went forth from Him. He is the Creator

  of the heavens and the earth; the Creator of the heavens, and the

  earth, and the deep; the Creator of the heavens, and the earth, and

  the deep, and the waters, and the mountains. God hath stretched out

  the heavens and founded the earth. What His heart conceived came to

  pass straightway, and when He had spoken His word came to pass, and it

  shall endure for ever.

  “God is the father of the gods, and the father of the father of all

  deities; He made His voice to sound, and the deities came into being,

  and the gods sprang into existence after He had spoken with His mouth.

  He formed mankind and fashioned the gods. He is the great Master, the

  primeval Potter Who turned men and gods out of His hands, and He

  formed men and gods upon a potter’s table.

  “The heavens rest upon His head, and the earth supporteth His feet;

  heaven hideth His spirit, the earth hideth His form, and the

  underworld shutteth up the mystery of Him within it. His body is like

  the air, heaven resteth upon His head, and the new inundation [of the

  Nile] containeth His form.

  “God is merciful unto those who reverence Him, and He heareth him that

  calleth upon Him. He protecteth the weak against the strong, and He

  heareth the cry of him that is bound in fetters; He judgeth between

  the mighty and the weak, God knoweth him that knoweth Him, He

  rewardeth him that serveth Him, and He protecteth him that followeth