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 Khepera was an old primeval god and the type of matter which contains 

  within itself the germ of life which is about to spring into a new 

  existence; thus he represented the dead body from which the spiritual 

  body was about to rise. He is depicted in the form of a man having a 

  beetle for a head, and this insect became his emblem because it was 

  supposed to be self-begotten and self-produced. To the present day 

  certain of the inhabitants of the Sûdân, pound the dried scarabaeus or 

  beetle and drink it in water, believing that it will insure them a 

  numerous progeny. The name “Khepera” means “he who rolls,” and when 

  the insect’s habit of rolling along its ball filled with eggs is taken 

  into consideration, the appropriateness of the name is apparent. As 

  the ball of eggs rolls along the germs mature and burst into life; and 

  as the sun rolls across the sky emitting light and heat and with them 

  life, so earthly things are produced and have their being by virtue