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“Narmer” or “Menes” was the first pharaoh of the 1st dynasty. First, to unify the whole of Egypt, he united all the Africans that were settled on the Nile He was a powerful chieftain, and below he is shown in the Narmer palette wearing the white crown of Upper Egypt and the red crown of lower Egypt.

L;I1e Predynastic Period, c. 3100 BC. Probably to be identified with NAR-MER, the last predynastic king before the establishment of the First Dynasty, or with AHA, the first king of the First Dynasty, Menes was regarded by the Egyptians of later times as the country’s original unifier. It is now thought that ‘Menes’ may be some sort of descriptive title, attributed to the earliest of the kings and related to the idea of unification.

“King of the South, King of the North,” Mighty Uniter of the two lands”The native tradition, which was current at Abydos, and presumably throughout Egypt, in the thirteenth century before Christ, stated that he was called Mena; this tradition was also accepted in the time of the Greek historians, for they all agree in saying that the first king of Egypt was called Menes.

Menes inaugurated Egypt’s First Dynasty by winning a battle in the western delta and fully unifying the country. Menes achievement in unifying the two lands brought prosperity and promoted the first great flowering of Egyptian civilization.