Mystery Schools

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“In Egypt was located the Great Lodge of Lodges of the Mystics. At the doors of her Temples entered the Neophytes who afterward, as Hierophants, Adepts, and Masters, traveled to the four corners of the earth, carrying with them the precious knowledge which they were ready, anxious, and willing to pass on to those who were ready to receive the same.”-The Kybalion

Mysteries are secret knowledge of the cosmos which is possessed by priestly scholars and their initiates.

The most important object is deification, and to be free from the fetters of our bodies, which will enable us to become

god-like and carry out God’s will. Fetter means to restrict the freedom of movement or thought, which makes us prisoners

to our urges and emotions, not allowing us to cultivate our minds and utilize our mental powers. Deified means divine rank; One who

embodies the quality of a god.

After years of practice and training, these wise masters and sages felt an obligation to spread their precious jewels of wisdom to whomever was ready. Those thirsty for knowledge would be schooled and their brain cells would be sparked, lighting the flames of illumination in their fertile minds. This tradition has been carried on for centuries. Prophets from the holy scriptures fall into this category of “great civilizers.”

When I was younger my close associates and I would engage in intellectual conversations called “ciphers”, because of the way we use to stand in a circle and get philosophical. We would talk about various topics and try to figure life out. Now that I look back on it I realize that we were initiates in the “mystery school” and the purpose was to raise our conciousness and enlighten each other.

Freemasonry, a secret society centuries old, may have adopted some ancient Egyptian beliefs. There are many similarities between Freemasonry and the Egyptian mystery schools, as evidenced by initiation procedures and certain Masonic symbols. Those attending the mystery schools had to progress thru three grades also. The Freemasonry consists of Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master Mason.

Masonic beliefs

● Temperance1: moderation in action, thought, or feeling: restraint

2a: habitual moderation in the indulgence of the appetites or passions

● Fortitude– strength of mind that enables a person to encounter danger or bear pain or adversity with courage

● Prudence– the ability to govern and discipline oneself by the use of reason

● Justice-the quality of being just, impartial, or fair: conformity to truth, fact, or reason: correctness

Master Builder– “In the material realm, a master builder is one who is qualified in intellect and training to do constructive building of symmetrical and perfect order-an architect, skilled worker, and capable artisan. In speculative masonry, a master builder is one who is qualified in heart and mind, by skill in moral and spiritual science, and by holy consecration to erect temples of immortal characters. Under the stroke of his master hand, men are taught strict rectitude and justice in relation to others, courtesy and kindliness according to the symbolism of the level, uprightness of heart and integrity of action following the symbolism of the plumb.”-Masonic Bible

1. Strict rectitude– conduct according to moral principles; strict honesty; uprightness of character; correctness of judgment or method

2. Justice in relation to others-fair and just relation between the individual and society

3. courtesy behavior marked by polished manners or respect for others

4. Kindliness-the quality of being kind, warm-hearted, or gentle; kindness

5. Uprightness of heart-Upright heart is a heart that is right with God- a righteous heart.

6. Integrity of action-the qualifications of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. It is generally a personal choice to hold oneself to consistent moral and ethical standards. In ethics, integrity is regarded by many as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one’s actions.