Osiris The Great

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“Osiris, being now king of Egypt, applied himself towards civilizing his countrymen, by turning them from their former indigen and barbarous course of life; he moreover taught them how to cultivate and improve the fruits of the earth; he gave them a body of laws to regulate their conduct by, and instructed them in that reverence and worship which they were to pay to the gods. With the same good disposition he afterward traveled over the rest of the world, inducing the people everywhere to submit to his discipline; not indeed compelling them by force of arms, but persuading them to yield to the strength of his reasons, which were conveyed to them in the most agreeable manner, in hymns and songs, accompanied by instruments of music”-Pert em hru

In addition to the gifts of good living he brought to his subjects, Osiris helped to wean them from their ‘miserable and barbarous manners” by providing them with a code of laws. During a time of darkness and chaos, a God-man materializes. He is equipped with a wealth of practical and scientific skills which he uses unselfishly for the benefit of humanity. He is motivated by a strong sense of purpose, and after establishing his headquarters, he sets forth with a select band of companions (ShemsuHeru) to impose order and reinstate the lost balance of the world.”Osiris is singled out for special mention in the legend, in which Khepera, speaking as Neb-er-tcher, says that his name is Ausares, who is the essence of the primeval matter of which he himself is formed. Osiris was of the same substance as the Great God who created the world and was a reincarnation of his great-grandfather. Osiris as the great ancestral spirit, who when on earth was a benefactor of mankind, and who when in heaven was the saviour of souls. Osiris was the first recorded story of a “god-man, and he was committed to restoring, establishing, and expanding Maat.