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The very moment OSIRIS was born it was stated “the LORD

OF CREATION” was born.AUSAR(OSIRIS)is the Ancient

 EGYPTIAN GOD whose annual death and resurrection personified the self-renewing vitality and fertility of nature.OSIRIS is the SOUL THAT LIVETH AGAIN, THE FIRSTBORN SON OF UNFORMED MATTER, THE LORD OF MULTITUDES OF ASPECTS AND FORMS, THE LORD OF TIME AND BESTOWER OF YEARS, THE LORD OF LIFE FOR ALL ETERNITY, THE GIVER OF LIFE FROM THE BEGINNING, life sprung up from his destruction. The germ that proceeds from him gives life to the dead and the living. He grew to be KING of EGYPT, devoting himself to civilizing and teaching his subjects husbandry.OSIRIS established laws(MAAT)and government and instructed men and women how to worship the GODS. Making EGYPT PEACEFUL, he went out to instruct, teach and civilize other nations of the world. In his absence, his Wife ISIS(AUSET)ruled the throne so well that SET

(TYPHON)the evil one could do no harm or damage.ISIS is MIGHTY and will absolutely not be corrupted and influenced by evil, for she is the MOTHER OF GOD! When OSIRIS returned, SET(DEVIL)plotted along with 72 co-conspirators and assassinated the KING.His son HORUS(HERU, HERO)had grown and set out to do battle and avenge his father. This is the suffering death and resurrection of OSIRIS

5.)We must make certain our species and all life      benefit and promote and sustain their existence.

6.)To raise a Righteous family.The duties of a Father and husband,son and brother.

7.Do everything within our power ,and with all our energy,time and resources to bring this state into existence.Be highly motivated and passionate.